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Allow me to introduce

I am Drico Lighthart, the founder and owner of LightArtFilms. Creativity and filmmaking are in my blood. Since a young age, I was fascinated by what I saw on TV: movies, series, music videos, commercials – and I wanted to know how these were made. As a little boy, I didn’t have the means to start working with video and film, so my focus initially was on drawing and making music.

Over the years, my music-making became more professional, and I began producing my own music videos. After much experimentation with directing, filming, and editing, I was certain: I wanted to become a filmmaker. I was soon approached by other artists to create music videos for them as well. Following that, I started making aftermovies, and not long after, companies began requesting corporate films, trailers, and promotional videos.

Creative urge

In the meantime, I gathered like-minded individuals around me to collaborate. People with the same passion and creative urge, who, like me, go the extra mile to create the most beautiful and high-quality end product together. It is this creative commitment and involvement that pushes us to go that extra step. Lightartfilms has now become a recognized name in the northern part of the country with around 10 years of experience.

The idea starts with you

Are you looking for a compelling corporate film, campaign video, aftermovie, product video, or the documentation of interviews or a music video? Then the idea starts with you. From there, we are happy to work with you from concept to script, taking care of the entire process from filming, editing, sound, the right color grading, to the final product. Filming can take place on location or in our studio.

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