Product videos

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A well made product video does much more than just portray a product. The philosophy behind the product, content strategy and brand experience, the target audience, and the feeling that you want to convey all play important roles. Great  product videos can increase sales and create strong brand loyalty.

In the Spotlight

Showing product features and useful applications allows customers to make an informed choice. Product videos are suitable for all kinds of applications and can be tailored to the way you want to use them. We ensure that the video contains an interesting message that captures the attention of viewers, and that the entire video from concept to editing and coloring is delivered ready-made. Request a brainstorming session now!

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CASE: Softprayer product video

We werden door Softprayer gevraagd om een productvideo te maken waarin helder werd verteld waar hun product voor bedoeld is.
De belichting speelde een belangrijke rol in het overbrengen van de juiste beleving.