Music videos

Visual Storytelling

Unique and immersive music videos that stimulate the senses. We collaborate with artists to create visual stories that capture – and convey the power and intent of the music. If you are a music artist and would like a video to go with your song, we would be happy to work with you to translate your ideas into a captivating music video.

Your Music Video

When making a video clip, we start by listening to your ideas, and the song. We then develop the ideas into a scenario or concept. We take care of the filming for a schedule and all the necessary equipment, crew and cast. After the shooting, we start with the post-production, where we edit the film, color grade it and add animations and effects if needed.

Curious what we can do for your music?

CASE: Handboek van een krijger (SKAV)

Rapper SKAV wrote this impressive song about a warrior’s handbook.
We made this matching video clip in Eastern style:

CASE: Blijf (Jesse Oosterwechel)

Singer Jesse Oosterwechel was looking for a beautiful video in a intimate atmosphere for her cover of “Stay” van van Wende. In addition, her performance had to be recorded profesionally:

 Case: SKAV, Dookie, RED – Muhammad & Mike feat. J.A.E.

Muhammad & Mike · SKAV · Dookie · RED · J.A.E.
Stallone & Snipes / Fort Buku / Rare Peeps

Directed by Drico Ligthart