Campaign videos

Go for Impact

Bring your campaign to life with a powerful campaign video from LightArtFilms. Do you want a clear message and a powerful call to action? We understand that a campaign video should move your audience – and reflect your brand identity. That is why we actively involve you in the production process, with feedback moments to ensure that the video really feels like yours. Go for impact by chosing a campaign video from LightArtFilms, and make your campaign unforgettable.

Move and Motivate

Using our expertise in video production and with your marketing goals in mind, we create campaign videos that convincingly convey your message and move viewers to action. Whether you want to raise money, promote a product, introduce your business or achieve something else, the possibilities are endless. Our campaign videos combine sound and images with the power to convey atmosphere, emotions and feelings.

LightArtFilms ensures that your campaign video hits the right note and leaves a lasting impression. Let our professionals make your campaign video, so that your message is perfectly conveyed and your goals are achieved.

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CASE: Lefier fire awareness campaign

Lefier approached us for a campaign in which they want to make students aware of the need for a fire alarm.
We made this video in which that fire comes very, very close: